More Than 10 Years Experience

Effective Basement Solutions is licensed and insured to provide Basement Sump Pump Installations, Basement Waterproofing Systems and Mold Remediation Services as well as Structural Foundation Reenforcement, Base in Union NJ we serve all areas of New Jersey.

Our Services

Basement Waterproofing

Effective Basement Solution is one of the best in Basement Waterproofing Systems , Foundation Structural Repair And Mold Remediation Services .

Structural Reinforcement

Water seeping in through cracks in walls, floors and foundations may require structural repairs. Effective  construction professionals will work hand in hand with our basement waterproofing specialists to repair damaged areas and prevent problems from reoccurring. Our services cover the full range of structural repairs, including pouring concrete floors, building walls, and restoring foundations.

Local Basement Services & Remodeling

Once we finish Waterproofing your Basement, let our Basement Remodeling Team Increase the Value of your home by finishing your Dry Basement With a Proper Way To Prevent Any Future Mold Regrow.

Sump Pump Installation

A powerful, quiet, and redundant sump pump is a must for any home, since basement flooding can cause serious damage to your foundation. If a storm or some other circumstance causes your basement to flood, a good sump pump will work to keep the area water-free.

Mold Remediation

Basement Mold and Mildew are hard to get rid of and cause major health problems. We provide accurate Mold Testing and Removal. to ensure the safety of your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Rarely are crawl spaces friendly environments for the people living above them. They are havens for mold, bacteria, odors, insects and rodents. Whether your crawl space has a dirt floor or concrete, wet or dry, we have a solution for you!

Basement Waterproofing & Drainage

Exterior French drains can be used to direct water away from your home entirely. An interior French drain, in conjunction with a sump pump, provides for an ironclad defense against basement flooding. This combination is recommended for homes located in areas prone to flooding.

Foundation Reinforcement

Effective  can repair all of your foundation problems from cracks, leans, bulges, and bowing to building new foundation walls. Expansive soils will retain water and by doing so they will expand and contract. During the winter months, expansive soils will absorb water, freeze and expand, while during the summer months the soil will lose water and contract. When the soil expands and contracts your foundation will begin to crack which will lead to more problems with your foundation in the future. In extreme cases, the foundation walls may need to be replaced.