Problem: Crawl Space issues

Crawl spaces are hard to waterproof and is a section of your home that gets the most humid air concentration due to the static air , radon gases are prom to build up in a crawl space as well as mold . the encapsulation is the most effective way to solve this problem ,water seepage can be guide to a sump pit which will seat on the lower spot of your crawl space , the vapor barrier will guide the water to the sump pit using a similar approach as a french drain system would . by sealing the crawl space with a vapor barrier properly install by our well trained crew ,the humidity that once would easily enter your crawlspace now will be behind the barrier prevent mold build up in the sub floor system of your home .Effective Basement Solution has the latest material available to make your crawl space a safe place keeping the water , mold and radon gases away from your crawl space . the exchanger a Effective Solution to keep the humid air out of your crawl space prevent the air too get poised and the build up of mold in a static environment like a crawl space

Waterproofing your Crawl Space

Waterproofing your Crawl Space

A Waterproofing System with a french drain system may be possible to do if theres clearance for a jack hammer to stand up , recommend it a crawl space of 5 feet may be doable but in many cases that is not the case so the encapsulation of the crawl space would be the best solution to solve the water seepage , Effective Basement Solution not only concerns with the water seepage , the mold grow or if possible the radon gases infiltration but after all this issues are address we evaluated the air quality in the crawl space .

To performed a Effective Service we can approach your crawl space in many ways depending on your specific circumstances.

Concrete Floor finish

A Concrete floor would be a different approach in most cases no encapsulation necessary  but a Effective Waterproofing system followed with a mold remediation and a air circulated to assure a healthy air

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is a more modern approach to crawl space waterproofing that fixes both the walls and floor of the area. It involves fitting specially designed, heavy-duty insulation and polyethylene vector barriers across the floor and walls of your crawl space. The high-grade barriers are sealed into place for an insulated and waterproof your Crawl Space .