Interior Exterior Drainage

For  homes with Wet basement , Pay Attention at the Property will Tell Us. Some homes are situated in Lower  locations with bad drainage. These homes are usually located in a place where storm water will naturally flow,  Saturating the Soil Surround Your Basement increasing the chance of basement flooding. Our Inspector Will Evaluated if Interior or Exterior System That Better Work For You.

French Drain

Interior French Drain System is a Water management system that will guide the water away from your basement , all the water that is collect or that runs down from the wall in case of seepage , will be guiding unto a drainage device that will lead the water to a french drain pipe under ground so the water can be redirect to a sump pit unit to be pump out of your basement through a discharge line system far away from the foundation , alleviating the pressure and preventing the basement to flood


Many Home Owner Still Believe the water that enters the basement is the water that comes from your roof or the water that collect out site near the basement and runs down your basement out side wall , which in fact the main cause of the water seepage is the saturation of your soil which surrounds your basement building the water pressure allowing the water in from any passages . the amount of water that comes from the down spouts are minimum which wouldn’t be that responsible to a such hydrostatic pressure that sometimes can supersede the amount of pressure the foundation can stand causing the wall to collapse. the hydrostatic pressure are very severe on the winter when out side soil freezes with a temperature even below 0 against a basement with a inside temperature of normally 60 degrees this differences in temperature ingreases the side pressure on the wall not only absorbing huminity but also putting pressure on the foundation . A hight water table ground are the reason the soil saturated so fast permitting the water pressure to build on the sides and under your basement .