Basement Waterproofing Services

Effective Basement Solutions is Specialized in Basement Waterproofing System   Mold Remediation Services , Drainage System , Structural Foundation Reenforcement, Air Quality , Sump Pump Installation and Battery Back Up System Base in Union NJ we serve all areas of New Jersey.  Effective Clean and Affordable Way To Waterproof Your Basement .

Our Services

Basement Waterproofing

Effective Basement Solution Has a Dedicated Crew That Only Install  French Drain System The Crew Work On A Systematic Way That Keeps The Job Site Clean Safe and The Effectiveness Of The Installation Is Impeccable  We Have The Experience From The Years Doing and Always Updating The System When Better Opportunity Is Presented !  Basement Waterproofing , Drainage System and Water Management We Have The Most Effective Solution For Your Home

Structural Reinforcement

Foundations may require structural repairs. Effective Basement Solution Professionals will work hand in hand with Engineers and  specialists to repair damaged areas and prevent problems from reoccurring. Our services cover the full range of structural repairs, including pouring concrete floors, building walls, and restoring foundations , Cracks Repair , Wall Pins and Lateral Pressure Anchor , leans, bulges, and bowing to building new foundation walls.

Local Basement Services & Remodeling

Once We Finish Waterproofing your Basement, let our Basement Remodeling Team Increase the Value of your home by finishing your Dry Basement With a Proper Way To Prevent Any Future Mold Regrow , High Humidity and Stagnated Air . By Not Only Refinishing Your Basement The Old Conventional Way But on a Way it Will Prevent Condensation Humidity stagnated Air and Mold Regrowth

Sump Pump Installation

A powerful, quiet, and redundant sump pump is a must for any home, since basement flooding can cause serious damage to your foundation. If a storm or some other circumstance causes your basement to flood, Not only The Inside Of Your Basement Get Destroy , a good sump pump will work to keep the area water-free Minimizing The Hydrostatic Pressure

Mold Remediation

Basement Mold and Mildew are hard to get rid of and cause major health problems. We provide accurate Mold Testing and Removal. to ensure the safety of your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Rarely are crawl spaces friendly environments for the people living above them. They are havens for mold, bacteria, odors, insects and rodents. Whether your crawl space has a dirt floor or concrete, wet or dry, we have a solution for you !

Basement Waterproofing & Drainage

Exterior French drains can be used to direct water away from your home entirely. An interior French drain, in conjunction with a sump pump, provides for an ironclad defense against basement flooding. This combination is recommended for homes located in areas With Hight Watertable .Many  Approaches  Can Be Done To Alleviated Hydrostatic Pressure  Never is a One Size Fits All ! Call Us To Inspect Your Home and Find The Right Solution For You

Air Quality Of Your Home

  Air Quality Of Your Home

Air Quality of Your Home Start Form Your Basement Since Theres No Place To Go and is a Static Air On The Lower Part of Your Home Where Dense  Heavy Air Collect Prone To Mold and Always With a High Level of Humidity , a Purifier Like Air Free or a Humidity Extractor Like Humidex Can Give Your Home Great Benefits .