Lateral pressure its mostly common on the winter, due to frozen soil surrounding the basement foundation walls , and the drastic difference from the inside temperature , which is usually around 55 to 65 degrees in most homes now the outside with freezing temperatures . The amount of pressure increases on the wall up to the point that cracks the basement wall , horizontal cracks and vertical cracks appears ‘ sometimes the force is so great that the basement wall collapse ! The different between these two sighs of cracks on the wall vertical and lateral are the result of lateral pressure in most cases , the cracks on the corner of the basement is usually foundation sinking or settling ‘ its important the pay attention on this signs ‘ because of the type of approach that needs to be done are different . Depending on the areas of new jersey is important and needs to take in consideration ‘ short jersey has a sand soil north jersey area is a rocky section of which make a impact on settlement . Effective Basement Solution is a Waterproofing Company in New Jersey that has the experience and the knowledge to handle this types of situation that may be happening to your basement walls . Serving the entire state of new jersey , specialized in basement waterproofing systems, structural repairs , mold remediation , foundation drainage system , water management , inside and outside waterproofing systems , sump pump installation , battery back ups , water back up systems and even a simple sump pit replacement ‘ Count on us for all your Basement Needs ‘ click here . fill the form to have a free detail inspection on your basement . For faster response or emergency needs please call us right away at 18009570075