Mold Remediation

Basement High humidity Musty Smell is uncomfortable, but it can also Harm Your health.  Mold, and mildew Grows in humid environments ,can spread very quickly    affecting Your Health,  high humidity in the home or business can cause  Mold to Grow on walls and wood  Making Very Hard To Eliminated . Humidity Created A musty Smell, Causing odor in the home  That is a sure sign of mold and mildew. On the Summer Walls are Warmer , Releasing  the Humidity From the Walls ‘making the Basement Humid Level to rise , Increasing the Chances for the Mold to spread .

The Lack Of Ventilation

The lack of ventilation in A Basement with a Static Air will trap moisture. Turning The Air inside your Home Unhealthy and in many cases unlivable problems, such as water Seepage, Hydrostatic Pressure which add more moisture to the basement. When moisture builds up conditions are a perfect   for mold, mildew and bacteria To Grow These life forms need water and the condensation that results from high humidity creates a Perfect environment

Its A must to Keep your Basement Ventilated not only to circulated the Air and minimized the humid levels , but to bring fresh air to build oxygen levels on the basement . 40% of The Air  in your Home comes from Your Basement.

How To Solve The Issue

The way to reduce humidity in the home is to install a dehumidification system. It is also very important to keep your home  ventilated, replacing stale air with fresh air. Exhaust fans should be used in high humidity rooms. Humidex Ventilation System Is Recommended to Any home with high Humid level ,  Call us to Know more about  a moisture-free basement environment.

Effective Basement Solution specializes in Humidex systems ,Xchanger Reversible Basement Ventilation an advanced solution that dehumidifies and ventilates your whole home ,A Xchager System provides air circulation throughout the entire home,Taking the heavy dense air that is the humid air ,pumping out side your foundation home keeping the dry air in your Basement .