Battery Back up System

A battery back up system is a pump connect to a battery that can work when no electricity is found ” can run for about 7 to 8 hours preventing your  basement to flood on a storm day with you run out of electric power .Effective Basement Solution work with several brands and types of battery back up system ,  a crew is on duty  always  in case of emergencies.

Every Basement With A Pit Needs A Battery Back up System

Every Basement with a Sump Pump Should Have a Backup


    • Eventually all primary sump pumps fail, for different reasons:
    • Power Outage – Battery backup sump pumps use battery power to activate the battery backup system during a power outage
    • Primary Pump Failure – Battery backup sump pumps will automatically begin pumping in the event of primary pump failure
    • Stuck Float Switch – In the case of a stuck float switch, the rising water will automatically activate the battery backup system
    • Primary Sump Pump Cannot Keep Up With the Inflow of Water – Sometimes the primary sump pump can’t keep up with the inrush of water, activating the battery backup system in addition to your primary pump

By using a Basement Watchdog Battery Backup System, which monitors and protects against these occurrences, your basement will remain dry.

Effective Basement Solution

Effective Basement Solution ‘ Keep in file all the details of your Battery back up System ” in case if the warranty needs or even to remind  you of Service needs . All installation comes with a labor warranty and the manufacture warranty is transfer to you . a detail orientation is given to our costumer and from there on you can count on us for any service or if any problem with your new System ” call Effective Basement Solution ” let us handle the service on your Battery Back up System 18009570075