Wet Basement or Water Seepage ?

Our Inspector will  inspect your basement for areas where moisture is seeping through. Then we’ll remedy the problem with a combination of solutions ranging from sump pumps to complete drainage systems and moisture barriers. Effective Basement Solution will remove all traces of moisture, prevent future infiltration, and provide you with safe, dry basement . Here at Effective Basement Solution we have always the latest and most Effective Solution to Waterproof your Basement in New Jersey , We Are Always  researching to provide you the most updated and Effective Basement Waterproofing System Installation Available.

Problem Solve

Solve your basement waterproofing  Seepage problems once and for all ! Effective Basement Solution  the Basement-Waterproofing experts , We offers a full range of efficient – and highly effective – waterproofing services for basements, as well as mold remediation services in the State of New Jersey .