Effective Basement Solution

Effective Basement Solutions is a Waterproofing Company Specialized in Basement Waterproofing Systems , Sump Pump Installations, Back up Systems, Mold Remediation as well as Structural Foundation Re-enforcement, Base in Union NJ We Serve all Areas of New Jersey.

With the Most Effective Waterproofing System Available in Basement Waterproofing, Outside and Inside Water Management Systems With More Than 10 Years Experience on the Business.

Effective Basement Solutions can answer your most difficult basement waterproofing, moisture control, and basement finishing needs. We help Our Customers Improve the Quality of Their Homes. When you Choose Our Services, You’re Choosing Our Commitment to Quality and Customer Service. Our reward comes from the Recognition We Receive from Our Customers. We take pride in creating a Safe Environment and a Comfortable living Space. Call us today, Always Free estimates : 1800 957 0075.



Basement Waterproofing Sevices

Effective Basement Solution is Specialized in All Types of Foundation Waterproofing Interior and Exterior! Drainage System, Basement Water Management, Sump Pump Installation, Battery Back Up System, Air Quality, Mold Remediation and Structural Repairs. Always Using Our Trained Crew To Install The System, Never a Subcontractor or any Sales Pressure. Our Time Is Dedicated To Make A Clean Easy and Effective Installation.


Sump Pump Installation Services

Sump Pump Installation is Essential For a Moist or Leak Basement! Even if Your French Drain System Is Working Well But The Sump Pump is Not Pumping at Full Capacity Your Basement Will Leak Due To System Over Flow. Many Cases The Recycling Due To Not Properly Done Discharge Line Will Exhausted The Pump Causing its Failure, Debris Will Clog The Pump or Slow The Pumping Capacity, Call Us To Have Your Sump Pump Check or Service Periodically.


French Drain Installation

French Drain System Varies in Types, Some Contractor Uses The Corrugated  Pipes With Small Slots To Allow Water In That Clog Easily With Debris, Others Install Without any Pitch So Water Takes Too Long To Make To The Sump pit, Over Flow of The System Occurs! Even Missing Weep Holes Can Lead To Wall Seapage Also Increasing Humidity and Even Foundation Failure Due To Soften The Cinder Block. Effective Basement Solution Uses The Most Updated System Available Following Step By Step To insure Not Only a Dry Basement By A Safe Installation.


Structural Reinforcemnet

Foundation Failure Can Be Soil Problem But In Many Cases is Due To Water Store Inside The Cinder Block Cells Softening The Block That Eventually Gives In Due To The Height its Holding. Also Lateral Pressure From Saturated Soils Forcing Against Basement Wall or Freeze Saturated Soil Against a Heated Basement .Never Over Look  On a Wall Crack, Usually The Force To Make A Foundation Crack Appears is Over 800lbs Of Pressure and With That Much Force it Can Definitely Lead To A Much Greater Problems. Ask Us To Come Out To Check it For You.


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space are a Forgotten Area of Your Home That Play a Major Part on The Air Quality Of Your Home. The Ventilation Is Important If  Water Seeps  Moist Will Increase Creating The Perfect Environment For Mold Growth. Radon Gases Can Be Present if Crawl Space Not Seal Properly, Static Air Can Be Pollutant For The Air Inside Your Home as well. Effective Basement Solution Specialties Are To Proper Install A Functional Drainage System and Ventilation System To Lower Humidity spell Static air and Mold Remediated Your Crawl Space.


Dehumidification System

Up to 50% of the air we breathe indoors has been in the basement. A damp musty basement can contaminate your entire home, affect your family’s health, and cause structural damage to the building. Humidex® is a proven year-round solution, designed for homes with full basements.A conventional dehumidifier does not exchange the air nor does it ventilate the basement, and it is expensive to operate. Your Humidex basement unit will ventilate and exchange the air, effectively providing a healthier, drier and more comfortable home, at a fraction of the energy cost of a conventional dehumidifier.

water & battery back ups

Battery & Water Back ups

Battery Back Up  and Water  Back Up Systems are Very Important When No Electricity Present. If Your Sump Pump Fails or it Cant Keep up With The Volume of Water, Is a Peace of Mind To Have A Back Up ! They Often Needs Maintenance Effective Basement Solution Prioritized This Need, By Always Having a Technician Available To Service Your Back Up or Install a New if is That The Case Majority of times is not The Amount Of Water or Damage Pump That Activated The Back Up , Is Power Outage! You Can Have a Good System a Good Pump But if Not Electrical Source The System Will Flood. Effective  Basement Solution Can Recommended The Right Back Up System For You.

Effective, Affordable, clean and Safe way To Install A Basement Waterproofing System. Never A Subcontractor or Sales Pressure, Free Estimates Always !